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Visualise What Your Customers See

As Gosforth Shopping Centre’s pre- eliminate supplier of fine meats for many years, Gosforth Butchers had an essential requirement to have a bespoke refrigerated serve over within their busy retail shop.

Gosforth Butchers had a number of key requirements, but top of the list was high quality functional design. Working together with Valera were able find the perfect solution.

The stunning ‘Hyper’ serve over range with its unlimited access to the panoramic display area has transformed their business by promoting premium quality products their consumers expect.

We supplied this bespoke refrigeration equipment on a long term rental basis freeing up their capital for other purchases.

Mr Stephen Gilroy of Gosworth Butchers commented “They are lovely cabinets and ideal for what we wanted. We have achieved a clean and tidy display of our products and now the store looks very upmarket.”




Sandwiches, Drinks and
Prepared Food

Key Features:
• Curved glass
• Intermediate shelf
• Rear sliding doors

Temperature range: +5/+7°C

From £900



Dairy, Delicatessen and Cooked
Meat products

Key Features:
• Flat or curved glass
• One or two intermediate shelves
• Refrigerated under-storage

Temperature range: 0/+4ºC

From £1,200



Patisserie and delicatessen

Key Features:
• Multi-plexable
• Flat or curved glass models
• Two intermediate shelves
• Refrigerated under-storage

Temperature range:
0/+4°C or +4/+8ºC

From £2,025